Travelling with firearms

When travelling with the Isle of Man Steam Packet, you must declare regulated firearms.

Authority will be required from the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company to carry firearms on its vessels and application forms can be obtained from their Freight Office, telephone: 01624 645620, or by completing the Declaration of Regulated Firearms form.

If black powder or other explosives including ammunition are to be carried, a Dangerous Goods Declaration Form will have to be completed. The ferry operator will require these forms to be returned at least 48 hours prior to sailing. Explosives and ammunition can be carried only on the Ben-My-Chree ferry which sails from Heysham. At the present time it is not possible to carry ammunition or black powder on any of the boats from Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.

If travelling by aircraft then authority will be required from the airline being used. Airlines will not permit black powder or gunpowder to be carried. Ammunition will sometimes be allowed if in a separate container.