What is a sexual assault

If someone has had sexual contact with you without your consent it is likely that you have been sexually assaulted. Any time someone inserts their penis into your vagina or anus without your consent it is rape and attempting to do so, is also an offence. All are crimes punishable by law (Sexual Offences Act 1992).

Some people worry that their lifestyle will make the police reluctant to take their assault seriously. This is not true.

The Isle of Man Constabulary is committed to protecting people from sexual assault and rape whoever they are, whatever they have done and whatever lifestyle they follow. Everyone has the right to expect the protection of the law.

Our officers are trained to help you and investigate your case whatever the circumstances may be, for instance:

  • The assault happened a long time ago.
  • You know the person who did it to you.
  • The person is your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or a family member.
  • You were drunk or were under the influence of drugs at the time of the assault.
  • You are not a British Citizen.

We can help whoever you are, whatever your gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.