Missing person

If you are worried that a relative or friend may be missing, call us on 01624 631212 or on 999 if it is an emergency to report it.

We will ask for as much information as possible about that person such as

  • name
  • age
  • date of birth
  • physical description
  • clothing
  • personal habits
  • mannerisms
  • places they may like
  • who their friends and associates are
  • who last saw them
  • when and where they were last seen
  • circumstances of them going missing
  • any medical risks
  • access to transport
  • access to money

A recent photograph of the person is helpful and may be used in any media release we do to help locate them.

A police officer will come and speak to you to also find out how vulnerable or at risk that person may be.  For example, are they elderly, a child, a person with learning difficulties, mental health issues or other health issues to name but a few.

All the information gathered is shared across all police personnel via the radio system.  We can also seek support from other areas such as the fire service, civil defence, RLNI, coastguard and search dogs.