Smoking in vehicles

Did you know that from 30 March 2016 it's illegal to smoke in vehicles with someone under 16 present?

What does the new law mean for me? 

The new law only applies to smoking in private vehicles with someone under 16 present. 

From 30 March 2016, both the driver and the smoker can be fined £50 if anyone smokes in the vehicle, with a maximum fine on conviction of £5,000

What does the new law include? 

The law includes all cigarettes, cigars and pipes, but it does not include electronic cigarettes or vaporisers. 

A person is still considered to be smoking in the vehicle even if they are holding the cigarette out of the window, or leaning out of the vehicle. 

The law applies even if doors, windows and sun-roofs are open. However, convertible cars with the roof completely down and stowed, are not included in the new law. 

Motorcycles and scooters are not included in the law unless they have covered passenger side cars, or are two-person mobility scooters with a roof and side covers. 

When a motor caravan is being driven on the roads, it is a vehicle and must be smokefree if someone under 16 is present. The law does not apply if caravans or motor caravans are stationary and being used as living accommodation.