Police Consultative Forum

We want your views about local policing

The Police Consultative Forum is an independent body made up of community representatives established under the Police Act 1993.

The forum has been in existence since 1998 and is autonomous in its decision and recommendation making capacity.

The forum actively seeks the views of the public regarding policing matters and the prevention of crime in your area. Views are welcome at any time about what could be improved, any concerns about policing and what is working well. Information supplied could contribute towards the shaping of the policing plans and priorities both locally and Island-wide.


The main function of the forum is to seek the views of the people of the Isle of Man on policing and crime prevention and relay those views to the police and the Department in order that they may be taken into account when formulating policing plans.

They achieve this by:

  • promoting the meetings of the forum within the policing areas of the Island (Central, Northern, Southern and Western), encouraging involvement from both the public and relevant local bodies.
  • promoting effective and open communications between the police, the Department of Home Affairs and the communities they serve. This includes helping to consult with the public on proposed changes to legislation.
  • fostering good relations between the police and the public.
  • raising local issues and priorities for discussion and action.
  • Working with the police in seeking solutions to problems raised by residents at public meetings and advising other Government bodies of such concerns.
  • providing a forum for the exchange of ideas on the way in which the public can help the police.
  • providing a forum for the exchange of information on crime prevention matters.
  • providing a supportive forum which, whilst taking account of all of the above, are cognisant to the needs of the victims of crime.

You can make a difference

Contact the member for your area by writing to:

Police Consultative Forum
PCF Administrator
88 Woodbourne Road
Isle of Man
IM2 3AP.

Telephone: 01624 694318

All matters can be dealt with anonymously if preferred.

Matters of immediate concern should be referred to Police Headquarters tel: 01624 631212 or the anonymous, independent Crimestoppers line tel: 0800 555 111.

PCF members

The forum is made up of community representatives covering all areas of the Island and aligned to the 4 Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

The Council of Ministers approves the appointment of community members from a list of nominations prepared by the Department of Home Affairs, following a public notice inviting applications from interested persons. Appointments are for a 5 year period.

Members need to have a sound understanding of the area of the Island in which they live or work together with the ability to work with the Isle of Man Constabulary and the Department of Home Affairs to further improve relations between the police and the community.

Current members

  • Mr Colin Cain (East)
  • Mr Adrian Christian (West)
  • Mr John Foster (South)
  • Mr Walter Gilbey (West)
  • Mr Angus Gilmore (North)
  • Mrs Thelma Lomax (East)
  • Mrs Ann McDonald (North)
  • Mr Kevin Weir (South)

Public consultation

From time to time the Police Consultative Forum arranges public meetings to enable people to hear what is being done in terms of policing their local area and to give the opportunity for members of the public to express their views on policing and crime in general. Feedback from the meetings, which are held in all police Neighbourhood Policing Team areas, influences the development of local policing plans.

Public meetings will also be arranged when new legislation is proposed by the Department to seek views, to help explain the proposals and dispel any fears.