Police careers

The police service can offer a rewarding career but, more than this, also a challenging and demanding one in which you can grow with the job.

Police work is unique, providing a variety of experiences you are unlikely to find elsewhere. When officers go out on patrol they never know what circumstances they may be called upon to resolve.

There is also the opportunity for dealing with people from all walks of life in many different situations. All of this requires a range of personal skills such as patience, courage, flexibility, understanding and the ability to think and act quickly.

The police service offers an interesting and worthwhile career and requires men and women who are prepared to work hard in serving the community.

The recruitment process

The Isle of Man Constabulary use a five part assessment procedure to assess the suitability of the individual as a police officer. The assessment is focused on the Constabulary’s 6 Core values, which are: Caring, Professionalism, Challenge, Service, Respect, Responsibility and an understanding of the Isle of Man community.

Part 1: All candidates must submit an application form with the following document:

  • health screening questionnaire

This will be held on file until notification is made for part 2.

Part 2: Candidates must pass the Police Initial Fitness Assessment. (An information sheet is available which explains the test). Candidates are required to self-certify fitness to undertake this test.  If selected to attend you will be required to produce a completed eyesight test form at this stage.

Part 3: Applicants who pass the Police Initial Fitness Assessment will be invited to attend a further assessment, during which their reasoning, observation, English language, and inter-personal skills are assessed. During this assessment, candidates will be required to complete a security vetting form. Details from this will only be held until notification of part 4.

Part 4: Successful candidates will be asked to supply their original certificates prior to attendance at a one day assessment centre which is held at an outdoor pursuits centre. This will involve taking part in a number of tests and scenarios, all related to police work, during which the final assessment is made. Whilst fitness is not tested at this assessment centre, the day can be physically challenging.

Part 5: Successful candidates from part 4 must attend and pass a full medical examination conducted by the Constabulary’s Medical Examiner.


As a new recruit or ‘Student Officer’, you will be given the training necessary to equip you for the job. All police officers attend an Initial Training Course and serve a probationary period of two years. The current training programme is as follows:

Stage 1: 14 weeks of initial training, held in the Isle of Man at the Constabulary’s People Development Centre.

Stage 2: 15 weeks of supervised patrol with a tutor constable attached to the Central Neighbourhood Policing Team. During this period officers are assessed for suitability for independent patrol.

Stage 3: 1 week classroom based training, in preparation for independent patrol.  Officers will attend a 2 week Police Emergency Response Driving Course prior to Stage 4.  

Stage 4: Independent patrol with continuous assessment by the officer’s supervisors.

Stage 5: A further 22 days locally based training during the remainder of the two year probationary period which is spent operationally in a Neighbourhood Policing Team in the Isle of Man.

The work

Police constables spend much of their time outdoors in all weathers. They may be on foot or in a vehicle.

The work of a constable has been described as

  • upholding the law fairly and firmly
  • protecting, helping and reassuring the community,
  • preventing and detecting crime, and
  • coping with society’s emergencies.

All applicants are assessed in relation to the constabulary’s core values, which are Caring, Professionalism, Challenge, Service, Respect and Responsibility.

After the local 14 week initial training program, all successful entrants begin work as uniformed constables, under the supervision of an experienced tutor constable in a Neighbourhood Policing Team. They are the first point of contact between the police and public and act as a visible deterrent to the criminal.

Their work is extremely varied and includes dealing with collisions, disturbances and traffic problems, handling complaints, apprehending and interviewing suspects, investigating crime, obtaining statements from witnesses, checking the security of premises, and answering questions from the public.

Further information and careers advice is available from the People Development Manager. 

Isle of Man Constabulary People Development Centre
Station Road
Port Erin
Isle of Man
Telephone:  01624 631540      Email:  [email protected]