Economic Crime Unit

Financial crime takes many forms and can affect us all in one way or another from lottery scam letters sent to our homes that seek to take money off those more vulnerable to international complex money laundering that could affect our businesses, the reputation of the Island and our national economy. Such crimes take place on a truly global scale and the Economic Crime Unit (ECU) remains vigilant and alert to guard against such threats.

The ECU plays an important role in maintaining and protecting the integrity of the Island’s reputation as a well regulated premier finance centre.

The ECU is a multi agency partnership consisting of highly trained police Officers supported by forensic accountants, analysts and support staff. The ECU is also supported by expert legal advice from the offices of the Attorney General.

Superintendent Jed Bibby is the Director of Financial and Cyber Crime, which is located at:

Economic Crime Unit
Department of Home Affairs
Isle of Man

Telephone:  01624 631313
Fax: 01624 686039
Email:  Send Email

Core functions

The major functions of the unit are:

  • the investigation of all serious financial crime on the Island
  • the investigation of serious financial crime involving the Island but where jurisdiction is unclear
  • the conduct of initial investigation into serious financial crime where jurisdiction lies outside the Island but where evidence needs to be secured or obtained on the Island
  • the gathering of evidence for other jurisdictions on behalf of the Attorney General in respect of financial aspects of crimes involving fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, corruption, or other crime
  • the gathering of evidence under available legislation through police to police liaison
  • the financial profiling of criminals with a view to asset forfeiture
  • the provision of expert skills, advice and assistance, which can be drawn on and be utilised by our Neighbourhood Policing Teams and other specialist police departments.
  • the provision of awareness training on fraud and money laundering, advice and assistance to the finance sector. This often can take the form of training workshops, seminars and presentations
  • tenerally all international police investigations routed via INTERPOL are undertaken by the FCU.

Financial crime investigation

The unit investigates serious and complex fraud cases, as well as investigating money laundering and terrorist financing. By their very nature these investigations, often multi jurisdictional, can take extended time periods to investigate. It also incorporates a proactive capability utilising financial and other intelligence to target criminal activity.