Command Team

Chief Constable Russ Foster, KPM Chief Constable Russ Foster, KPM

Chief Constable Foster has 30 years policing experience and has a balanced career profile serving in both uniform and Criminal Investigation Departments. He has been an investigator at each and every rank from Detective Constable to Detective Superintendent and has led many murder investigations and serious and organised crime inquiries. CC Foster has been a Chief Officer for the last ten years and has previously had responsibility for Counter Terrorism Policing in the North East of England, the Regional Organised Crime Unit and Regional Scientific Support Services for the four forces in the Yorkshire and Humber Region, as well as Specialist Crime for West Yorkshire Police. CC Foster has a Master's Degree in Police Leadership and Management and was awarded the Kings Police Medal in the most recent New Year's Honours for services to policing.  As well as overseeing the Constabulary as a whole, he carries the portfolios for Strategy, Force Structure, Criminal Justice Modernisation and Legislative Change.

Superintendent Jed Bibby

Jarrod Bibby known to most as ′Jed′ joined Cheshire Police in August 1994 and worked in a number of roles within the Warrington and Runcorn area of Cheshire. He transferred to the Isle of Man Constabulary in October 2007 and has since been involved in a number of key areas of operational policing and development within the Constabulary. He is currently Director of Financial and Cyber Crime and has since been involved in a number of key areas of operational policing across the IOM. Promoted to Superintendent in 2017, Jed has held strategic responsibilities across the force and now leads the Economic Crime and Proactive International Money Laundering Investigation Team.


Steve MaddocksSuperintendent Steve Maddocks

Stephen Maddocks joined the Isle of Man Constabulary in 1997 and worked in Douglas on uniform duties prior to moving to the Drug Squad in 2000. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2005 where he worked as a Neighbourhood Sergeant, Crime Manager, Prosecutor in the Prosecutions Department and in the Central Alcohol Unit. On being promoted to Inspector he worked as the Operations Manager in the Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, Detective Inspector in the Pro-Active Team and Public Protection Unit. He has worked as an operational Firearms Officer and a Close Protection Officer.

On promotion to Chief Inspector he was head of the Protective Services Department and on further promotion continued as the lead for this area and all other operational work for the constabulary, which included neighbourhood policing, the Criminal Investigation Department (which includes CID, Public Protection and Pro-active Teams), the Operational Support Group (which includes Road Policing, Dogs, operational Firearms and Training, Public Order, Search Team, Negotiators and Post Incident Managers). He is currently the Detective Superintendent for Investigations & Intelligence and the force lead for Safeguarding. Steve is also one of the constabulary′s Senior Investigating Officers (SIO) and Strategic Firearms Commanders (SFC).


Superintendent John Phillips

Supt John Phillips joined Kent Police in 2003. After a period on uniformed policing duties he was posted to CID in 2005. He remained in Detective roles as a Sergeant and Inspector, working in both reactive and pro-active investigative departments with a specific focus on burglary and robbery. In 2012 he moved to uniformed roles, working successively as a neighbourhood Inspector, and later a response Inspector on Kent′s West Division. He was then posted to lead a plainclothes unit targeting "County Lines" drug dealing.

Promoted to Chief Inspector in 2014, Mr Phillips worked on Kent′s response to the austerity programme before taking up a role as head of Intelligence Analysis for the Force as a Temporary Superintendent. He was substantively promoted to Superintendent in 2016 and was later posted to the Professional Standards Department as Head of Misconduct & Complaint Investigations. In this role he also had oversight of the Counter Corruption capability and Vetting Dept.

Mr Phillips joined Isle of Man Constabulary on transfer in April 2022. He is currently responsible for Criminal Investigations and Operational Policing.

Mr Phillips has written a number of published articles on professional matters. He is also a police contributor to the Blackstone′s PACE Guide. He is a graduate of Cambridge University.


Dave DobbieT/Superintendent Dave Dobbie

Dave Dobbie joined the Isle of Man Constabulary in 1998 and worked in Neighbourhood roles prior to moving to the Road Policing Unit (RPU) in 2004. He has worked as a security escort driver and a forensic collision investigator.

As a Sergeant he has worked in the Road Policing Unit, CID and Public Protection Unit. As an Inspector he worked as the Detective Inspector for CID & RPU before a period in Organisational Development. He has performed a T/CI role in Protective Services, which includes Multi Agency Public Protection (Child and Adult Safeguarding & Domestic abuse), Youth Justice Team, alcohol unit and Emergency Planning, prior to being promoted to Chief Inspector in 2018 and moving to the Economic Crime Unit.

In 2022 Dave returned to Organisational Development, and in 2023 was temporarily promoted to Superintendent. He remains one of the Constabulary′s Strategic Firearms Commanders.


Danny RotchellSuperintendent Danny Rotchell

Danny Rotchell joined West Yorkshire Police in 2002, covering a number of district based uniform policing roles including response, custody and as a staff officer prior to undertaking a number of roles in the Operations Support Division managing operational activity as a Chief Inspector.

In April 2022 Danny was successful in a transferee process, allowing him the opportunity to transfer to the Isle of Man as a Chief Inspector responsible for Operational Policing which includes Uniform operations, Custody and Operational Support Group functions (including roads policing, dogs and firearms). Following completion of a promotion process Danny was substantively promoted to the rank of Superintendent, taking over the Operations Portfolio

Danny is an experienced specialist Tactical Firearms commander, a CBRN operational commander and also one of the IOMC′s Strategic Firearms commanders.


Detective Chief Inspector Michelle McKillop

Michelle McKillop

Michelle joined Greater Manchester Police in 1996 as a Special working in Oldham and joined the Regulars in 1998 working in Uniform response in an inner city division. She transferred to the island in 2003 and worked uniform before moving to the Drug Squad. As a Sergeant she has worked in Uniform and later as the DS in CID. She was promoted to Inspector and worked in the Public Protection Unit and the Safeguarding team before moving back to CID as DI. On further promotion Michelle is now the DCI in charge of the Serious and Organised Crime Unit & Sensitive intelligence and the Major investigations Team. Michelle is a Senior Investigating Officer and a Strategic Firearms Commander. She is also Lead Investigator in counter corruption.


Chief Inspector Robert Syme

Robert Syme

Bobby Syme joined the Isle of Man Constabulary in 2000 and has worked in various stations on the Island until 2007 when he was posted into CID. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2013 where he worked as a Custody Sergeant and Neighbourhood Sergeant before returning to CID as a Detective Sergeant. On being promoted to Inspector in 2018 he held roles as Detective Inspector of Public Protection, Continuous Improvement before returning to uniform as the Eastern Neighbourhood Inspector.

On promotion to Chief Inspector in 2023 he took up the role in Organisational Development. He is currently one of the Constabulary′s Strategic Firearms Commanders (SFC) and Post Incident Managers (PIM).